Things that I do

Hello! I'm Aimee and here are some things I have made. I've been trying to create stuff that makes me happy or makes me think.

I primarily use a pirated copy of InDesign because I wanted to learn to use it for ~employability~ purposes but totally can't afford that licence.

They are either private or pay what you want on itch.io

Zine List:

  1. Paper, pen, library photocopier - About being scared to make zines
  2. InDesign - Castle on the Hill - The first two months of lockdown with my grandmother. It was nice - Now on itch.io
  3. InDesign - I miss your body, my love - A soppy lockdown loveletter - Date me for it
  4. InDesign - Himbos of the National Theatre Fan Zine - on itch.io
  5. InDesign - Wild Swim Zine - Thoughts from 4 summers of swimming in rivers - on itch.io
  6. InDesign - PokeDong - Definitive guide on what pokemon you can use to nickname your/your lover's penis - coming soon-ish