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Over the years I've seen quite a few shows. I've seen a lot of local bands. The joy with local bands is when you find ones you like you can see them multiple times a year.

Reviews are sorted into Live Music, Live Art,Theatre & Other Performances, and Visual Art.Then we have Other.

Live Music

Devotee of the local music scene.

Live Art

I can't define it, but it's cool.

Theatre & Performances

And musicals and live podcasts etc.

Date Published Event Location
14.03.2019 House of Daze 1st Birthday Party Norwich Arts Centre
22.10.2018 Radio Active Playhouse
30.05.2018 True Stories Live Norwich Arts Centre
01.04.2018 Legally Blonde the Musical Theatre Royal
02.12.2017 Poetry Open Mic Bird Cage

Visual Art

When the art is not live.

Date Published Event Location
18.12.2021 Study for Null #003 - Yutaka Hashimoto Moosey
13.06.2019 Moco Museum is Garbage MOCO Amsterdam
15.02.2021 NUA Zine Society - LOVE Exhibition Studio 20

Other writings on art

Other art writings.

Publish Date Article Location
04.11.2017 The Future of Norwich Music Forum Epic Studios
10.10.2017 Nook - Social Gringo's Tequila Bar
27.08.2017 "Why a gig is best enjoyed solo" BBC Radio 4
19.08.2017 The Best of Norm's Bedford's Crypt
27.07.2017 So Norm's is Ending Nowhere
16.11.2017 Astonomy Public Lecture UEA
??.11.2017 Prof. Marston and the Wonder Women Cinema

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