Things that I do

I coded this?

Yeah. Written with good help from w3schools, mmtuts on YouTube, and patient friends.
I can also make something that doesn't look like a Tumblr Bathbomb advert but that wouldn't have been as fun.

I work with computers:

My day job is tech support but that is more about communication than knowing anything technical I really do not want to define myself by my job so please see every other page of this site to know more about my art work.
I also have added Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics/Tag Manager functionality. I hate the way cookies follow you around the web but I also adore analytics so here we are.

This started as a portfolio website in 2019:

I had nearly finished a marketing qualification and was struggling to find work in the field. I tried to teach myself html and market myself but I never invested in the url. There was a pandemic anyway.

This used to be wordpress:

I don't know if I will make the jump and replace my wordpress site with this. I am a coward who doesn't want to kill the few links I have to my work.

I once saw a tweet that said the internet is now three websites and a million resumes. That hit me. I know there is more out there, I just have to seek it out.

I have aims:

I remember being at a gig, enjoying a song about a boat, and thinking more songs should be about boats. I was wrong. There are many many songs about boats and I just need to seek them out myself.

Active Choices?

One thing I like about comics and animation is if something is in a frame then it was activily put there. If I make this website by typing out the HTML then do I put everything there? No, because a lot of the elements are copied from elsewhere.